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Eva Helander

My journey towards becoming a Coach and Hypnotherapist started with the feeling that in our daily life, most of us are spending time on things that we don’t like or are not meaningful to us and that we are lacking fulfilment in life.

During the first years of my professional career with fancy titles such as Sales Manager and Management Consultant I was in contact with many different companies and sectors but everywhere I encountered the same unhappy people. It made me wonder if it is really necessary to ‘suffer’ at work in order to be successful in life. And does life really has to be a daily struggle, when seen from the outside our world looks like a paradise?

It is my conviction that many of us are on the wrong track and that true happiness and fulfilment is within the reach of all of us, we just to take the time to look inside ourselves, be true to what we see, and then to find the courage to do the necessary changes in our lives. And this process does not have to be that hard, in fact it can be incredibly smooth and joyful if we do it in the right way, accompanied by the right person.

I now feel extremely lucky to have found Coaching and Hypnotherapy. While Coaching works wonders on our ‘conscient minds’ for setting direction and walking the path, Hypnotherapy is extremely powerful in aligning our subconscious mind, to avoid self-sabbotage and use the full power of our minds to reach our goals. When combining these two techniques in my practise…well there is just no limit to what can be achieved.

Helping people to find back their passion and create a more meaningful life for themselves, replacing that sense of hopelessness of with purpose and direction, is what passionate me. And I feel deeply honored when people choosing me to accompany them on this journey.
A relentless optimistic, I am convinced that we all have it in ourselves to create the life we want. We might just need a bit of help on the way.

“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken”.
Oscar Wilde

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“The secret of getting ahead is getting started”
Mark Twain

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