Grab your one-way ticket to a life filled with purpose and meaning

My 3-month program will transform your life, using world-class hypnotherapy and coaching techniques, to help you gain clarity on your purpose, break free of the beliefs that hold you back, and create a life filled with meaning. It really is amazing how much can be done in such a short amount of time with the right tools and guidance.

“There’s a life out there, full of meaning, waiting for you to live it.”
Eva Helander, Certified Hypnotherapist and Coach.

Do you feel like you are wasting time doing things that are not meaningful to you?

Do you feel trapped in your professional life, you just want to escape?

Do not wait another minute! Sign up now for my services that:

Transform your life into a joyous existence filled with purpose and meaning, where what you do matters.

Change your life incredibly quickly and easily using the award-winning RTT® hypnotherapy technique.

Free yourself from your old beliefs and negative self-talk that is holding you back from living the life of your dreams – only the sky is the limit!

Become an inspiration to your family and friends on how to transform your life.

“Don’t die with the music still in you”.
Wayne W. Dyer

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Some of my favourite heroes

“I had a fabulous life purpose session with Eva, which produced a surprising but welcome twist on what I’d previously expected. This has made a huge difference and I’m finding myself drawn to energy-raising activities during my day. I’d highly recommend a session with Eva.”.

Sarah Brown, UK

“I had previously experienced RTT, but the session with Eva was the one that really changed my life forever. I am deeply grateful for the most incredible session and result”.

Anton Aridan, Israel

“With Eva’s guidance I gained much more clarity on my purpose, I transformed from being unaware of what matters to being fully aware. By doing this, I felt a new structure in my life and much more self-love. Fantastic!”.

Clemens Morvay, Belgium

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