Are you feeling trapped in a bubble of negativity?

Like everywhere you go people are just constantly complaining about this and that. The horrible weather, the depressing politics, the noisy next-door neighbor, and those uncivilized kids. For some people, there is always something to criticize and you are starting to feel really fed up about it. And the worst part is, you can hear yourself starting to sing the same tune, always looking at the glass half-full.

The good news is, there is a quick antidote to all of this, and that is called action. The moment you start taking action in your own life, instead of worrying or thinking about the lives of others, you will feel your energy shifting. Focus will quickly be on whatever it is you are doing, that is in your ‘circle of control‘. And you step out of victimhood, where you are someone just suffering the consequences of things out of your control.

You will feel yourself taking back your power. EMPOWERING yourself. And little by little you will start to see the impact that your actions are having in the world. And it will feel so satisfying knowing that while you cannot save the planet on your own, at least you are doing your part of the job.

Or as Gandi so beautifully put it: “You must be the change you wish to see in the world”.

So don’t hold on any longer. Stop wasting your time on things that deep down inside you know are just a subtle way of procrastinating. The moment for change is NOW.

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